Food for your Fish

Tilapia Pellets

 Floating pond feed
TilapiCo PEARL EF is a semi floating pre grower for tilapia farming in ponds and cages. The protein and
energy level are aimed at reaching a good growth and a high protein utilisation. The higher energy level
results in protein sparing which is reserved for growth so that less ammonia is formed. This helps to
maintain a good water quality.
complete and tasty
TilapiCo PEARL EF is a complete feed that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy
development of tilapia. The semi floating pellets make it possible to monitor the eating behaviour andcondition of the fish.


Tropical Feed

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Koi Pellets

Koi are special pets and by many considered to be living jewels. Much
effort is put into creating luxurious ponds with outstanding
circumstances for koi to thrive in. If the water conditions are right
and the fish have sufficient space to live in they can feel well and are
a joy to look at. To bring out the best in them state of the art diets
should be used, tailor made for the circumstances the koi are kept in.


 Pellets for Cichlids

sinking pellets